Thursday, November 1, 2018


My last blog entry was in November 2017.

I miss writing/blogging even though I still "write' everyday if you count "texting and email" but definitely not as fun.

2018 has been pretty great. I remain grateful and thankful. I have always been conscious of time, often wishing for time to speed up or/and wishing for it slow down. I look forward to the future despite my desire to stay Peter Pan forever.

Those that makes excuses, ugh, not a fan but I took a year long blog hiatus because I had a dream come true so life got busier (maybe harder too?) but not necessarily easier.

I started this brand 13 years ago and it is crazy to think how Cavotu has survived even at the lowest points when having a clothing label as a side business made zero sense at all.

I still strive to be a good human being.

I still have a desire to design and create cool apparel.

Enough rambling...let's ride.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Here's Johnny!!!

I have always been persistent, I always try, ok maybe I try too hard but failure is not an option...

So what is the best way to get a BIG NAME brand/person/companies attention? No one wants to be harassed, I get that. Sure they don't have to reply unless a lawyer is involved but think about how many different network options  we have now on the Internet besides sending a direct email. Our own President is obsessed with using his personal Twitter account. It truly is mind blowing to think that I could retweet him right now and he might actually read and/or even is amazing. Period. I was going to say, "What a time to be alive" but no the point is clearly that TECH IS AMAZE.

I told all my friends (yes all 4 of them) today that I wasn't going to let this Chopsticks story die until I got a reply from Johnny Cupcakes. I never heard anything from O'neill, RVCA and the Gaslight Anthem when I reached out in the past on similar subject matter. This one was different, I was feeling extra confident...1 out of 4 has to happen, right?

First thing first, I sent over a direct message to the Johnny Cupcakes FaceBook page which immediately replied with an automatic response that if there was a problem with my order that I should email customer service ASAP blah blah blah. Next, I tagged Johnny in a couple of my Instagram Stories and commented under his Chopsticks post on the JC IG page. Next was Twitter, I fired off a few tweets that simply said I designed Chopsticks in 2007, what is the story behind your version? I had zero intentions of becoming the annoying pest so I decided to wait until tomorrow and fire again.

Then within the hour came the reply via Twitter direct messaging which is basically a text message, a private one on one with Johnny himself...I replied instantly and we beans!

Was I satisfied? As my crazy friend Marc would say "Absolutely". This is what I wanted to hear, an authentic response from the brand owner himself. I never intended on saying "well I did this first and you copied me" because in all reality my design never left my own sketch pad and my personal computer. I just wanted to hear his back story. It's funny that his Chopsticks design was also unused from over a decade ago and that it was resurfaced as a last minute scramble for Black Friday New shirt release. The irony in all of archived design that finally came to fruition. Johnny pulled the trigger on it and Joey (thats ME) never did. To be totally honest, I never 100% liked my design enough and it was never meant to be a real #CavotuTee.

The moral of the story is...persistence is cool and life is what it I am totally inspired to start bugging the Gaslight Anthem again about using my tagline Stay Vicious as their song title...more to come.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Happy Black Friday everyone! Thanks to all those who placed orders in the shop earlier today, I always appreciate the love and support from my friends, family and fans etc. Big hugs and high fives!! All orders will ship out Monday.

I realize everyone is being bombarded on their social media and email accounts with various brands/companies advertising the greatest deals/specials/discounts all day, hell all weekend, pretty much this will be the normal until the holidays are over. Yes I am guilty as charged but hype is good to some extent, sure this debatable.

Ok so we have been down a similar road like this before, in case you are new then here are a couple old blog entries so please read STAY VICIOUSGET BARRELED and GET BARRELED 2.  First and foremost I am an artist and I am a designer. This is why I started Cavotu and this why I still devote time/energy/money towards this passion project. Yes I am inspired by everything around me and I do have a lot heroes and idols in this BIG fashion game so this particular subject matter always makes me smile.

One of my SDSU advertising class professors (circa 2000) would often remind us that "everything has already been done" so we should always design with an open mind, never copy/plagiarize yet always create what our minds envision etc. I am not quoting him directly but the overall concept is there...and speaking of quotes this cliche phrase is a good one too:
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment — often an unintended compliment. 

I have admired Johnny Cupcakes and his empire for quite some time now. I have blogged about him a few times and even attended one of his special lecture/talks at Whittier College about 9 years ago. I still remember this day when I took my son, Sterling to the LA shop on Melrose Ave on 9/28/2008. I definitely put some miles on that Baby Bjorn...ahh memories. Johnny is great, love his story and his passion/drive...although I must admit that I have never purchased any of his actual products.

So earlier today I came across the new Johnny Cupcakes shirt called Chopsticks while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. 

Now in 2007, I was working on a very similar design, YES I said 2007...So ONE DECADE AGO I was designing "Chopsticks"- this idea of a hand holding chopsticks and picking up the Cavotu logo. I had several different rough draft ideas, as any designer knows that the process from start to end has many stages, it often feels endless. Chopsticks was one of those designs where I couldn't quite get it right. I tried everything from small centered design to large front graphic as well as large back graphic but none of the shirt placements worked in my eyes. I even had a soup bowl, a plate, a bowl of Cavotu logos, and several other ideas. My friend who was helping me screen print was always telling me that I need to be realistic with my shirt placements because this was not a cut n sew type of garment, I was printing on an actual tee shirt and so I had to factor in all the angles, seams and/or how the shirt drapes when being worn etc. I had worked on this Chopsticks design for several weeks, back and forth with this and that but I was never was satisfied. This was the last saved version on my computer- March 21, 2007! And I never touched the design again. I gave up on the idea...

I was shocked to see the Chopsticks design today for sale in the Johnny Cupcakes webstore. I had to do a double/triple take. I couldn't believe that the Chopsticks idea was finally a reality. I literally did an LOL at work today. I am just imagining the graphic design team and how they pitched the idea to Johnny and/or the story behind this shirt or maybe there is no story at all and the guy/girl came up with the design in 5 minutes- BAM- print it- on to the next idea.

The story behind the Cavotu Chopsticks design was based off a memory of mine when I was living in Singapore as an exchange student in 2001. It was one of my first days in the country when I was eating alone at a local hawker stand (their version of a food court) and an older Chinese man came over to my table and pointed to me (6'3 blond hair blue eye California boy) using my chopsticks and he smiled as he said "you are doing it RIGHT!" I just laughed and said thank you.

Life is all about timing. The Cavotu Chopsticks design was never meant to be for one reason or another. If anything this Johnny version has inspired me to dig into the archives of Cavotu artwork that never made the final cut. Maybe something will inspire an idea, a spark...always dreaming...always creating...and never give up!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Black Friday is always a motivating deadline. I have been pretty solid over the years when it comes to releasing something new and/or having an online sale.

I got a few more tricks up my sleeve but my timing has been off lately, I was recently bit by spider on my calf...more new will be coming in 2018.

I hung the lights up today....get some.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


I never run out of things to share, lack of subject matter has never been the issue...

I loved blogging back in the day but over the years my time/energy has shifted. I have never valued my sleep more than I do now. Yes, I still pull all nighters on a occasion but I truly feel solid after a decent nights sleep. Blogging was always a late night task...I ramble too much with very little substance.

The Cavotu Trademark has been renewed for another decade so this project is here to stay. The creative juices have been flowing lately. Focus on what matters...more to come.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CAVOTU Newsletter Vol 2

Hello friends,

Welcome to another update from CAMP CAVOTU. I have never been to "camp" but cheers to those who have and/or cheers to those who put their kids in "camps"...actually now that I think about it, I have only been "camping" like once in my life and I drove my fancy BMW (RIP) to the camp site which totally did not belong but its definitely a memory and life is about creating memories. Cheers to those who "camp" though, I got nothing but love for nature, I went on a 2 hour hike yesterday, nature WINS!

Happy Cavotuesday aka new products are LIVE in the web store NOW ( Brief history lesson>>> I started Cavotu in 2005, Tuesdays were my only days off from my regular monkey restaurant job. Tuesdays were strictly devoted to Cavotu. I started referring to it as Cavotuesday and it also became a great way to help folks properly pronounce the name. And for the millionth time, it is not Cavuto- the Fox news guy.

Today is the official release of the much anticipated Fall premium headwear collection. My hat manufacturer exceeded my expectations this season and I am excited to share the final products with you. Premium Cavotu hats are made from scratch. I do not buy blank hats and just sew on my logo. I am aware that this would be a much cheaper option but quality has always been the focus around here. This season features the Pirate (black/gold), the Yankee (navy/white) and Woody (brown/white) with polyester wool blends. The Aztec (charcoal heather/crimson) features a new speciality fabric that reminds me of a blanket/scarf, so soft and warm, perfect for the colder weather season (yes it was 100 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday, I know I know).

Today is also the release of 3 new color ways in the popular Local Tee shirt design. The black tees are with my all time favorite made in the USA cotton poly blends and the blue and banana are featuring 100% combed cotton. Water based inks on everything. All Cavotu products are limited edition runs. I change it up every season. I rarely reprint the same shirt design or the same exact color so I apologize to those who keep asking me to make ____ or ____ again. Patience grasshopper. I gotta keep it fresh and keep it new.

Thanks to all those who purchased the Aloha trucker hats over the Summer. They were a huge success and sold out officially on Labor Day weekend. 

And if anyone wants custom one inch buttons made, let me know, I know its a random thing but I have my six year old daughter working the button press machine like a champ and she is more than willing to make some buttons!

Big hugs and high fives!!

-Joey Cavotu

Instagram- @Cavotu
Twitter- @Cavotu

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Krug Snapbacks

The blog used to be the first place where all the info went down, then it became FB, then it became Twitter and now all things happen thru the Cavotu Instagram page.

I have to remind myself that these social networks are just tools for sharing information. The products, the apparel, the goods etc ALL STAND ALONE without the constant online barking. We are flooded with the barking from everyone and everything, at least I feel that way, a bit overwhelmed, meh.…


One of the first Cavotu stickers was this simple circle design. Classic lines never go out of style.

The new Winter headwear collection is now LIVE in the Cavotu online store. The 4th and final colorway- SILVER, will be released this coming Cavotuesday. I am really stoked on how this collection turned out. Fun colors, simplicity yet heavy on the trims. Details matter folks, details freaking matter. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Cavotu Goldie

I am not Willy Wonka (I rarely eat chocolate, candy sometimes, but chocolate never) but Wonka's story truly helped inspire this Cavotu Goldie contest. So I guess I can say I was Wonka for the month of October and hell yeah I enjoyed it!

The Cavotu Goldie contest was a great learning experience in regards to taking risks, utilizing my network, creating brand awareness, and spreading some love to total strangers. Yes, I could have easily just placed all ten hats around the Los Angeles area and maybe got better/same/worse results but that was not the true Wonka spirit. I wanted these ten strangers to feel lucky, feel the randomness and feel like they were meant to find this Cavotu Goldie hat for some odd reason. Hopefully I made someones day, made someone smile and made someone think. If anything I gave a complete stranger a cool hat and story to tell their friends/family.

I must say that this contest would not have happened without the help of my foot soldiers aka my friends. I want to thank them for their participation. Everyone was stoked on the idea and eager to play along. We were all anticipating what would happen next…creating excitement is cool! 

If you are new to the blog, let me fill you in on what the hell I am talking about…

On October 1st, my foot soldiers openly placed one Cavotu brand mesh back hat in a popular public place in the following cities: Phoenix, Seattle, Vancouver, Denver, Chicago, Madison, Philadelphia, Singapore and Gold Coast. Each hat had an envelope attached with a Golden Ticket inside. The rules of the contest were simple, take a photo of the hat somewhere famous/recognizable in your city and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #cavotugoldie. The most creative photo wins, it was that simple.

Now I clearly made some assumptions here. I assumed the person picking up the hat would be able to read english, have an Instagram account or know how to get one. I also assumed the person would have a cell phone or mobile device with Internet capabilities. I assumed that they understood how to use Instagram and that they were familiar with the term hashtag. I assumed that if this person did not have any of this knowledge that they could ask someone who would know exactly what I was talking about. Maybe this was too much to ask society? Maybe folks are not this tech savvy?

The deadline for the contest was Oct 31st. I felt a month was fair amount of time for the strangers with their new hats to figure out the rules and participate or not. I am stoked to say that we had…wait for it….only 4 people out ten who actually submitted entries. Maybe I was feeling too optimistic but I was really hoping for a better ratio. Now I am even more curious as to what happened to those remaining 6 hats? 

The first entry came from Norwich, England by @jamminbegood. I love that this dude is shredding at his local skatepark without his shirt on. Great action shot, the ticket and the hat are in the photo. Very creative. I was super stoked to see this one come thru. Thanks for following the rules!!

The next entry came out the Gold Coast, Australia by @dreadsflow who is showing off his skills on the local artificial wave machine. This dude has additional videos posted on his Instagram from this same day and he definitely knows this wave like the back of his hand. Again great action scene, key shot of the hat and this is definitely popular attraction in his home town. Bravo!

The next entry came from Phoenix, Arizona by @coopthompson who is showing off his love for Mother Nature and finding adventure in the great outdoors. I really love the colors in this image, great hat placement, amazing background location and representation of pure freedom and living life!!

And the final entries came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by @andrewdelquadro in a set of 3 photos so I grouped them together for the sake of this blog. Stoked on the use of the national monuments and statues in his home town as well as skatepark shot with the Golden Ticket too. Nice work dude!

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. 

I will announce the grand prize winner tomorrow aka Cavotuesday on the Cavotu Instagram page.

No control

My ex girlfriend called me out last night about never being happy. First of all, they say an "ex" is an "ex" for a reason but when the smoke clears and a decade has passed I really have no issue with being friends with them. So yes her comment stung for a minute or two. People that truly know me know exactly how to break me but then again I have had complete strangers crack me too so what do I know. So yeah, I struggle with my happiness in regards to my life choices over the years. I have grown to accept all the negatives, still not happy with their outcomes but the more I think about it the more I realize why this brand makes me smile. Cavotu is the one constant, the one thing that I have full control over and yes it brings me happiness. If only I could control other areas of my life then I would be happy as a fucking clam 24/7. So happiness equals control…interesting.

Which reminds me of this rad Bad Religion song…

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Willy Wonka


I was recently inspired to create a contest after discussing all things Willy Wonka for the first time with my kids. The look on their faces was priceless when I explained how the golden tickets were hidden inside chocolate bars and the lucky winners were…well you know how the story goes. 

So I got an idea and I ran with it. On October 1st, ten Cavotu Goldie mesh back hats will be placed around the world in various cities. There is an envelope with a golden ticket attached to each hat. The  golden ticket explains all the details of the Cavotu Goldie contest. 

The cities were chosen randomly, but narrowing it down to only ten was actually harder than I thought. 

Phoenix, AZ
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Madison, WI
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, Il

Vancouver, Canada
Singapore, Singapore
Gold Coast, Australia
Norwich, England

I am stoked to see what will happen next. Stay tuned folks!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

…and leave it on!

I turned on the light, the Gaslight that is…I was just reminded of the classic Grateful Dead jam. Yes, I was a Deadhead in my teenage years, nothing beats listening to the Dead on those random nights when nothing else mattered but music, friends and chilling. Unfortunately my "Love Light" has not been on for quite some time but there is a time and a place for everything. The roller coaster of life will come around again and hopefully this next version of LOVE will last for a while...

I have yet to hear from the Gaslight Anthem boys regarding the "STAY VICIOUS" issue. But I won't give up, I have never been a fighter but the one two combo punch of persistence and patience has always worked in the past. I am just curious..

Like I said earlier, the Light is on…I have been listening to new and old Gaslight Anthem tracks for the past few days. The sound is growing on me, maybe I am late on this trend or this trendy band (I don't even know if that applies here but might as well)…new (as in new for me) music helps regardless.

I will never forget that day I was crossing through the crowd during Warped Tour 1998 and I bumped directly into Tim Armstrong of Rancid (idol dude right there) and I looked him in the eye and we connected, I said "hey brother, how are you?" and he replied "everything is cool man!"….

"When I got the music I got a place to go."-RANCID

STAY VICIOUS- the lyrics….

Well I feel just like a stranger
I don't sleep at all anymore
And the arms that used to hold me
Well now they done me harm
And I feel just like a murderer
And I feel just like a gun
I've been shakin in the hand of somebody
Whos finally had enough
As you step out into the city
No one to find you or recognise
As your black heels kick out the beat
Of my heart in perfect time
Singing la la la la la lala la
Look at you saving my life
Singing la la la la la lala la
Tonight you're saving my life, yeah
Now I've had the saints and patience
And I wait on the telephone
I have bills for this
Tabs for that
Something that used to resemble a soul
So wont anybody take my hand
And wont anybody ease my ache
And I still love rock n roll
And I still call somebody baby
As you step out into the city
No one to find you or recognise
As your black heels kick out the beat
Of my heart in perfect time
Singing la la la la la la la la
Look at you saving my life
Singing la la la la la lala la
Tonight you're saving my life, yeah
Singing la la la la la la la la
Lean on the end of the knife
Singing la la la la la la la la
Tonight you're saving my life, yeah

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Let's start a fire...

Taglines are probably the second most noticeable element of a business identity. Taglines are often just a few (powerful) words that define the product or service offering, they can incite to buy as well as build trust. We all can name several famous taglines without any hesitation. I will list a few just so you get the idea…

Nike- Just do it

Chevy Trucks- Like a rock

BMW- The ultimate driving machine

Subway- Eat fresh

McDonald's- I'm lovin it

Trix Cereal- Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids

Since 2006, Cavotu has been using the taglines "STAY VICIOUS" and "GET BARRELED". Both taglines are printed on every single Cavotu label and/or packaging materials etc. Here is an example of our tagless screen printed tees as well as a woven patch inside our headwear. Details matter!

I realize this blog post is about "STAY VICIOUS" but I have never fully explained the meaning behind "GET BARRELED" which I coined in 2006 while I was obsessed on the feeling of surfing inside (the barrel) of a wave. "GET BARRELED" has roots in surfing but I cannot help but think of LIFE as a wave, we are all riding different shapes and sizes, we have to learn how to adapt in order to get the best ride. In 2013, I wrote a blog entry about a similar topic, you can read it HERE and HERE. I take this shit serious, like an elephant I never forget!

In 2005, I was reminded by several fashion industry folks about the importance of protecting my artwork, logos, names, photos etc. I have a BA in advertising/marketing so I am familiar with how things work in the biz. Creative cats are always looking with eyes wide open at how they can flip/twist/distort and recreate what has already been done. I knew my taglines were solid even back then (yes I can say that with confidence) and I knew it was just a matter of time before others used them.

Officially registering the word Cavotu and the Cavotu logo was a major priority so I focused on accomplishing that goal first. I was designing several graphics all at once (slightly carried away/excited) and not worrying about protecting my taglines. The trademark process took 15 months to complete. One of my screen printers suggested that I mail myself my original sketches/art as protection in the event that someone tried to steal my ideas as their own in the future. I followed his advice and still have the envelopes dated and sealed. I realize these are not official documents and will probably not hold up in a court case but I never imagined having to battle it out with anyone. Today is still not the day but it still makes for a great story aka blog entry.

In the early years, I would often listen to old school punk rock such as the Sex Pistols while I was designing products (music still inspires tons of ideas even today). I became obsessed with the rawness of Sid Vicious, his energy, his defiance, his signature necklace etc….I know the dictionary defines the word Vicious as wicked or cruel, villainous, unpleasantly severe but that is not why I was drawn towards it. I really liked the way it sounded as it rolled off your tongue.

In 2006, I coined the phrase "STAY VICIOUS" as in "be cool and deviate with attitude." The first graphic tee using this tagline was a hand drawn profile shot of Sid with a Cavotu neck tattoo (still ink free but maybe someday I will slap this bad boy on my neck- never say never). The original concept was to create an all over print (this was HUGE/played out back then) with Sid's profile shot but my screen printer said it was "too complicated" so I ended up with a centered version with only 6 Sids instead. I hate settling but what can I say. I later released a right chest version on Athletic Grey.

The meaning of "STAY VICIOUS" has evolved over the years as life did a wonderful job at kicking me in the nuts. I was forced to overcome obstacles and tackle new challenges. If you asked me today what the tagline stands for, I would say "never give up and never forget." Cavotu has survived because I have "STAYED VICIOUS"and I will continue to do so. I did it my way and the ride has just begun.

Cavotu has had an active presence on Instagram for a few years. If you follow our page you will notice that I use hashtags on every post. Hashtags have proven to open several doors aka connections for the brand so I am a believer, I am drinking the Kool Aid. My bread and butter trio of #stayvicious #getbarrled and #cavotu hashtags are added to every picture that I post. 100 weeks ago I posted a picture of my daughter and used the hashtag "STAY VICIOUS" for the first time. This photo is the 17th post ever on Instagram of someone using the "STAY VICIOUS" hashtag. As of right now there are 1,103 posts with the hashtag "STAY VICIOUS."

Now apparently I am not the only one who has embraced the "STAY VICIOUS" life. Etchy, a white female rapper from middle America has the tagline tattooed on her wrists and it has become her mantra after her child passed away. Etchy reached out to me on Instagram and thanked me for joining "her movement" to which I replied that "STAY VICIOUS" has been my tagline since 2006 so instead I thanked her for joining my movement! Etchy never replied again but she still uses the hashtag "STAY VICIOUS" in every single post. This is a screenshot of a simple IG search under the hashtag "STAY VICIOUS" and basically the pattern goes Etchy, Cavotu, Etchy, Cavotu repeat.

So about a week ago something new appeared while I searched the "STAY VICIOUS" hashtag. Yes there was still the Cavotu and Etchy pattern but we had a new friend (a logo) in the mix. A red and white upside down heart, a band name I was familiar with…a new album?…a new song?…a song called "STAY VICIOUS"….Really?

Unfortunately the one thing I lost track of lately was the music scene so I don't know much about the Gaslight Anthem boys other than they are from New Jersey and people are calling them a modern day Bruce Springsteen type of rock and roll.

For 8 years I have associated the tagline "STAY VICIOUS" with Cavotu and now the Gaslight Anthem fans have an entirely different association with the word and its meaning/history. Where did the Gaslight Anthem get the tagline? Who thought of it? Will the Gaslight Anthem thank me for joining their movement too?

If the Gaslight Anthem had decided to call their new single "Just do it" we would all say why the Nike reference?

So why the Cavotu reference guys?? Please feel free to contact me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Lids


I have been busy, busy working…working on new products, new ideas, more more more…

There is something about the hustle, no it is never easy but when everything comes together the reward feels great. The sense of accomplishment, the sense of pride, good feelings emerge, the natural ones that don't come because of someone else or because of a substance or magic potion…I have been fortunate to experience happiness on new levels…watering my own grass daily, despite the haters, despite the past…just stay in GO MODE…see where I came from and watch me where I am going…

Now let's talk Trucker Hats…(LOCAL fresh mesh- buy NOW)

I will be completely honest here, I have never owned/purchased or even borrowed someones trucker hat. A trucker hat is a mesh-back snapback type of hat for those of you living under a rock yet somehow have access to the Internet, yes it is amazing indeed…so now I have never been a "trucker hat" dude but as a designer I love to explore and experiment aka try new things…

I will admit that I had quite a few bumps in the road with this round of caps, almost didn't even release them because of the back and forth yadda yadda. I am not in a position to completely manufacture my own hats in house but believe me I wish I could. I can stand dealing with people in the fashion game, sloppy folks who frankly don't give a damn, and no its not just one company, I seem to find em all in every product that I design…

I would also like to point out something here. I am not in the business of buying a blank product and then simply slapping my name on it. I personally go above and beyond to create Cavotu brand products from the ground up. Real clothes are being manufactured here. Factories are sewing together fabrics and colors that I personally designed so "thanks" if you like my hat or shirt or socks…but no you can't just can't buy that particular hat color way and put your own name on it. I have been getting a lot of that lately, folks asking questions…yes I am well aware that there a several cheaper ways to do clothing but I still believe quality of the product is far more important than price points. I am hoping to someday have 100% made in the USA everything Cavotu…but for now I will plug away.

Stoked on these new hats. They are lightweight for Summer season. I have a feeling they will be sold out soon. More stoke is on the way for FALL…charge heavy, keep the fire going!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sith Snapback- Black/Black

Almost Cavotuesday…

Tonight at midnight (12am PST) will be the official release of the Sith snapback. I have always wanted to design/produce an all black collection so this hat is just the start of future all black everything Cavotu brand premium goods. 

Only 50 of these particular hats were produced and I am betting that they will be gone in a few days. 

The Sith is just a small taste of the FIRE that is coming in July. Stay posted

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

San Pedro Shred

There is a HUGE skateboarding festival going on this weekend in San Pedro, which happens to be my home town. Skateboarding has come along way in the past decade, not just on the professional level but on the local level. With the rise of new skateparks being built in various cities and big organized events like this one, it is great to see politicians and city officials putting their money and energy towards skateboarding.

If you want to skate the event (free to the public) you have to fill out a waiver form on the website. Click here for more info.

Even if you don't skate, it should be an exciting, free, entertainment to say the least. Stoked!